Aneinu is happy to announce that  our  HEBREW-RUSSIAN Tehillim booklets are ready.

This will facilitate the saying of  more Tehillim for which each sponsor will get a zchus.

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Aneinu’s Rav, Rav Henoch Plotnik wrote a letter as to the importance of participating in this holy endeavor.



Rosh Chodesh Adar Bais

Dear Friends,                     

As we are all aware, we read  Parshas Zachor on the Shabbos preceding Purim. We are commanded by the Torah to never forget the atrocities Amalek wanted to commit  to our ancestors in the era of Moshe Rabbeinu,and repeat it every year. According to the early commentary known by the acronym “Smak”,this obligation is borne out of our obligation to express appreciation for the salvation from our sworn enemy.

We have a tradition dating back to the great Rav Chaim Soloveichik that Amalek is not confined to the natural offspring of that evil nation, rather any people who have made it their mission to eradicate our nation, chalila,are equally defined as Amalek. The words of the Rambam bear this out by his omission of mentioning their demise and any trace of them,vis-a-vis the ancient Canaanites where he specifically comments on their extinction.

Our leaders have always concerned themselves with the situation of our brothers and sisters in Russia,the Chafetz Chaim would not miss an opportunity to remind us of our obligation to care and daven for them. Our Russian friends are the true survivors of our modern day Amalek and its desire to eradicate the name of Hashem from their lips. What an incredible amount of hakaras tova we owe Hashem for seeing this miracle in our day and the revival of Russian Jewry.

How fitting would it be then if we would lend an open hand by participating in a new project launched by Aneinu to provide women of Russian heritage the chance to understand the timeless hopes expressed in Tehillim in their native tongue. These translated booklets would be just one more expression of thanks to Hashem for bringing more of His children back to the rich heritage we all share.

Please do want you can to bring this project to fruition and in that merit may we see the eradication of Amalek for all time,with the arrival off Mashiach speedily in our day.

Rabbi Henoch Plotnik



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